Nintendo Switch (Surprise) launch!

Posted on April 28, 2020 8:37 pm

We are very pleased to announce that Indivisible is now available on the Nintendo eShop! Is it earlier than we had planned? Yes it is!

We had scheduled an early May release date, but due to an unexpected series of events, the game is now available in North America and Europe! It’s a happy accident that puts the game into your hands sooner than expected. 


It’s taken a while to get here, but now that Indivisible is on Switch, we could not be more excited. The Switch is a great platform for Indivisible. Whether you’ve been waiting to play, or are already an expert, you’re going to love being able to take Ajna and her friends to go!

We have an update coming soon that will include the following:

  • In-game Roti unlocked for everyone
  • Toggle for 30 FPS/unlocked – The game currently defaults to Unlocked.
  • More GPU/CPU optimizations
  • Fixes for sprite lighting/sprites appearing oddly
  • Support for 1080p when docked (currently 720p docked/undocked)

After the update, Roti will be waiting for everyone inside the game, regardless of purchase date! Look in the menu for a special option to have Roti join in the adventure. 

Sorry, the Roti plush is not for sale!

While the game has launched in North America and Europe, there are some additional regions that will have their own launch dates. 

An official Japanese version with full text AND full Japanese voiceovers will be released by Spike Chunsoft on July 16th. H2 Interactive will release in Korea and Southeast Asia at a date to be announced.

You may have noticed that the game is currently available only on Nintendo’s digital eShop. We are taking a digital-first strategy due to concerns over, and to avoid putting pressure on, the retail supply chain. We will evaluate production of a physical version of the game for retail sales as soon as things return to normal.

There is one exception. We are producing a small number of physical cartridges that will be sent to the original Indiegogo backers who chose that version as their reward. We do not have a delivery date for this version of the game. We will ship these to backers as quickly as possible, but it could be 1-2 months given the current situation. 

For backers who have ordered the digital version, we will be getting your codes to you as quickly as possible! More info will be available when we have news.


Thank you to all of the Indivisible fans for being a part of an amazing journey! 

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Buy Indivisible now on the Nintendo eShop.