PS4 and Xbox One Pre-Orders Live

Posted on September 12, 2019 6:00 am

Pre-orders for PS4 and Xbox One are now available!

Indivisible releases on Steam, GOG, PS4 and Xbox One on October 8th, 2019! (Nintendo Switch Coming Soon)

You want a pre-order bonus? You got it. Pre-order now to receive the “Follow Me, Roti!” bonus and have Ajna’s lovable pet tapir, Roti, follow along on your adventure to save the world of Loka!

PS4 pre-orders also receive the official soundtrack for the game, composed by Hiroki Kikuta. (Secret of Mana, Koudelka)

Pre-orders on Steam will unlock character skins in the theme of timeless Valve games such as Half-Life, Portal and Team Fortress 2. A Portal Companion Cube also awaits in game to make sure you never get lonely! Is there cake too, or is it a lie?

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