Razmi’s Challenges Comes To Nintendo Switch!

Posted on October 13, 2020 5:40 pm

Razmi’s been hard at work inside Ajna’s brain! She’s crafted a series of fiendishly clever challenges that will require Ajna’s unique set of skills to complete. It’s available in most regions starting today on Nintendo Switch for $7.99*!

Constructed by everyone’s favorite shaman, Razmi’s Challenges features forty unique levels that will test Ajna’s platforming and combat prowess. To make sure each level isn’t too easy, Razmi allows only a handful of abilities to be used in each one. 

You can access the challenges by talking to Razmi in Ajna’s Inner Realm after reaching Mt. Sumeru for the first time. As you progress through the game and acquire more traversal abilities, more challenges will be unlocked!  

Look for Razmi and her fancy tent, just don’t ask where she got the materials for it.

Your progress through Razmi’s Challenges is saved along with your regular game. Make sure you save your game before you log out at the end of your session or your progress will be lost. 

We hope you enjoy playing though Razmi’s Challenges as much as Razmi is excited to see Ajna fall on her face trying to complete them!

New Game+ and Couch Co-Op Update! 

The latest update for Indivisible includes two new FREE game modes: New Game+ and Couch Co-Op. 


New Game+ 

Replay Indivisible with all abilities, weapons and incarnations acquired during your previously completed game. Access secret areas, take shortcuts that require advanced abilities and have your full roster of friends fighting alongside you from the start of the game.   

Don’t think it’s going to be easy!  We’ve made all the enemies tougher and added a number of twists along the way to keep you on your toes. 

To access NG+, after you’ve completed a game, your last save file will turn red. Starting a new game will ask if you want to start a NG+ game.  

Couch Co-Op
Play Indivisible with up to three additional friends! Connect in extra controllers (Player must always use the main two joyconsand jump in and out of the game any time you aren’t in combat. Your friends will be able to run alongside Ajna and use basic jumps to keep up while exploring. Additional players don’t have Ajna’s leaping and axe hang skills, but that’s okay. When they fall behindthey’ll be able to instantly teleport to Ajna’s position. 

Once a fight starts, each player is in control of their incarnation and all of their attacks! There’s nothing better than beating up on a Pindayar with your besties! 

We hope you enjoy the new modes! Thanks for being fans of Indivisible.


  • Regional pricing may vary